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*24 Blackbirds Ecuador 75%

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BarEcuador 75%
Maker: 24 Blackbirds (California, USA)
Price: $3/14g (French Broad Chocolate Lounge)
Overall Rating: 6.5/10
Munch Factor: 2/10
Ingredients: Organic Cacao, Organic Sugar.

Appearance: beautiful thin rectangular mold with a long, delicate feather imprinted on top; color is a very dar reddish brown.
Aroma: strong and sweet cocoa with overt earthiness and light floral notes.
Melt & Snap: great melt & great snap.
Flavor: strong cocoa, a bit bitter, then melting into sweetness and the florality foreshadowed in the scratch ‘n’ sniff portion; finishes short and quite a bit dry. It gets drier the more you eat of it.
Complaints & Complements: the smells were very faint, and I blame the fridge for that one, though the basic characters of the beans and their chocolate remains unaltered.
Context: sitting in my warm-but-not-stifling kitchen in Mexico (bar has indeed melted and re-formed in the fridge).

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*French Broad Nicaragua 68%
May 2016: Graduating from University

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