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*Åkesson Brazil 75%

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Bar: Brazil (75%)
Maker: Åkesson (London, England)
Price:  $GIFT (Chocolátl, The Netherlands)
Overall Rating: 9.5/10
Munch Factor: 3/10
Ingredients: Cocoa, Cane Sugar, Pure Cocoa Butter, GMO-Free Soya Lecithin

Appearance: appealing, but somewhat peculiar shade of brown. Love the Swedish “Å” in the prominent logo.
Aroma: Unusual upfront sweetness I cannot put my finger on. Fruity brownies, maybe? I want to say that it’s earthy, but it’s more specific than that. Freshly dried fruit, almost still a bit juicy, maybe.
Melt & Snap: creamy melt & surprisingly soft snap.
Flavor: earthiness coupled with my mouth’s immediate reaction to strong tannins; starts off remarkably bitterly. Finishes with non-specific fruitiness, and what I can only describe as the best brownie ever. Delightfully long aftertaste.
Complaints & Complements: Very old-school meets new-school; the red and black is perfectly contrasted, and I like the square shape. In addition, the bitterness and strong tannin, almost trick you into thinking you’ll hate it, but that brownie just hits you, and it sticks with you. Wonderful evolution of flavor, though I’d expect nothing less from Mr. Åkesson. Bravo! I’ll have to share this, now.

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