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Bucket List

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50 Goals for My Twenties

I realize that many of these are intangible personal journeys, but I seek to keep track of them here. Feel free to follow along on the journey.

  1. Travel to every province/special city in South Korea (maybe in 2022!)
  2. Watch sunrise from the top of a volcano
  3. Spend New Years in Australia (or New Zealand) & then immediately take a flight to Honolulu for New Years Part II
  4. See the Underground River in Palawan, Philippines
  5. Have an authentic bowl of Pho in Vietnam
  6. Learn fluent French
  7. Feel confident speaking Korean
  8. Drink an authentic Turkish Coffee in Istanbul
  9. Ride a hot air balloon
  10. Find a life partner with whom to share in adventures
  11. ​Write every day
  12. Travel to & eat chocolate on each (reasonably habitable) continent
  13. Become a bachatera
  14. Make it through 100 classic novels
  15. Visit every country in South/Central America
  16. Write & publish a book
  17. Make my own chocolate
  18. Open my own business
  19. Teach English abroad
  20. See the pyramids in Egypt in take a ton of cheesy photos
  21. Live abroad alone for at least 6 months
  22. Go hang gliding in the UK
  23. Get a really nice camera & take gorgeous pictures
  24. Go on safari in southern Africa
  25. Float around the dead sea
  26. Use Couchsurfing in a country I’ve never been to
  27. Visit Alaska in summertime
  28. See sunrise at Angkor Wat
  29. Go parasailing
  30. Live on an island for awhile
  31. Learn the ins & outs of cacao farming
  32. See Cuba before I turn 25
  33. Take pottery/ceramics classes
  34. Participate in Spain’s La Tomatina in August
  35. Be a professional bartender
  36. See Aurora Borealis
  37. Attend carnaval in Brazil
  38. Learn how to Belly Dance
  39. Watch a meteor shower
  40. Witness a full eclipse (moon or sun)
  41. Become a knowledgable member of the craft chocolate community
  42. Earn a living off of this site & my podcast
  43. Map chocolate shops, makers and experiences all over the world
  44. … What’s next? This is a list in-progress! You can’t have it all figured out. Tell me what you think I should add, in the comments!

Visiting Alaska in summertime.

10 #Goals for Everyone

  1. Try one new food in every new region you visit.
  2. Keep contributing to a retirement and “rainy day” fund.
  3. Wear sunscreen every. single. day.
  4. Trust more, everywhere.
  5. Become closer with a sibling (or other family member).
  6. Create a true home.
  7. Establish a career path you love.
  8. Create something that people appreciate.
  9. Form laugh lines, not frown lines.
  10. Fall deeply & madly & proudly in love with yourself.

Myself and Jeonga, a chocolate maker on Korea’s Jeju Island.

Sharing is caring!

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Cally Duncan

Saturday 2nd of March 2019

Beautiful goals! Wishing you all the happiness in achieving them!


Monday 4th of March 2019

Thank you, Cally!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.