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*Cacaosuyo Piura 70%

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Bar: Piura (70%)
Maker: Cacaosuyo (Lima, Peru)
Price: $6.50/70g (La Esquina Verde)
Overall Rating: 8/10
Munch Factor: 7/10
Ingredients: Organic Peruvian Cacao, Organic Cane Sugar

Appearance: Pre-broken branded mold with somewhat lighter brown color than expected.
Aroma: Sweet & smooth, like a milk chocolate but with undertones of fresh woody herbs and some acid, which distinguished it from the outset as a dark chocolate.
Melt & Snap: nice melt & great snap.
Flavor: Woody and then fruity flavors come in, a strong brown sugar patting them down and producing a short finish with molasses overtones.
Complaints & Complements: This was a remarkably good bar, and if I could get my hands on it again, I would. The branding is well-done and the flavors seem fully-developed. The ability to return the bar to its original packaging also helps.

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