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*Cao Artisan Chocolate, Acopagro 60%

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Bar: Acopagro (Peru, 60%)
Maker: Cao Artisan Chocolate (Virginia, USA)
Price: $5.99/50g (For The Love of Chocolate, USA)
Overall Rating: 7/10
Munch Factor: 8/10
Ingredients: Organic Cacao Beans, Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter

Appearance: I like the map with a star marking the origin, and I’m a fan of the mauve packaging. It’s very portable and well-thought out, but not re-sealable. It’s recyclable.
Aroma: initial earthy tannin, and then dark dried berries if you sniff hard enough.
Melt & Snap: a bit of a hard melt and a nice snap, even counting the pre-broken design of the mold.
Flavor: starts off with a sweetness of vague berries, of both the blue and red varieties, and strangely no tannin. I caught some overtones of light cocoa in the middle, and a small-grain grittiness to the texture, which I didn’t expect. Exceedingly sweet finish.
Complaints & Complements: the 50 gram size is just about perfect for this sweet of a bar, in my opinion, although the price tag is a bit high for a bean-to-bar chocolate bar of that size. I would buy again, but more likely as a gift for a milk chocolate convert; the aftertaste is almost cloyingly sweet.

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