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As a traveler and a person who eats, I tend to try dishes from a lot of very different places, and sometimes I get recipes for those dishes. This is where you all have access to those unique recipes!

Baking With Craft Chocolate (Guide)

If you’re on this page, you’re likely familiar with craft chocolate, also known as bean to bar chocolate. For those who aren’t, this particular type of chocolate is known for being an ethical, transparently-sourced, and much tastier version than its generic counterparts. Craft chocolate also happens to be easier than ever to find, both online …

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2-Ingredient Chocolate Sauce Recipe

Jump To Recipe I’ve been trying to find the perfect chocolate sauce recipe for years. Through many trials & errors with various types of chocolate, fat ratios, and even thickness of chocolate bits, I’ve finally got this chocolate sauce recipe down to an art. All you need is a spoonful of milk, some of your …

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Easy Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Jump To Recipe Who ever said you can’t have cookies for breakfast? Ever since quarantine started, the most consistent part of my days has been a cup of coffee each morning. And later, a cookie (or three) after dinner. Other than my Peruvian pancake recipe, this coffee chocolate cookie recipe has become one of the …

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Dominican Mamajuana Recipe In Photos

The national drink of Dominican Republic is nothing like marijuana. I promise. It sure sounds like it, especially if you’re speaking quickly, but don’t get the two confused— marijuana is a drug and mamajuana is a drink. In fact, this is a mamajuana recipe, and quite likely the most straightforward one you’ll find. So let’s …

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​Bag to Bar: How to Make White Chocolate at Home

As kids, we learn to eat our colors. This chocolate is white, maybe an aged-parchment shade of white, though white all the same. But the packaging, oh the packaging is super colorful. That counts, right? I think my mom would be on board. In fact, she has all the tools to make this “bag to …

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60% Goat’s Milk Chocolate: It Doesn’t Kid Around

Pulling information from a wide variety of home chocolate makers who have posted online, as well as little tidbits from the professionals I have worked with and read about, I have calculated my own recipe for a dark goat’s milk chocolate. If you are also a home chocolate hobbyist who wants to follow along, add …

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Home Chocolate Making: Milk Powder Experimentation

On a whim, my first attempt at chocolate making occurred in three rounds, and its purpose was to figure out which milk powder I like best in my milk chocolate. These are the results, as well as the ratios if you choose to follow along at home. Building a Recipe For Chocolate Once I obtained …

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