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*Chocolate Tree Colombia 70%

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Bar: Huila, Colombia 70%
Maker: Chocolate Tree (Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.)
Price: $7/80g (Direct From Maker)
Overall Rating: 5.5/10
Munch Factor: 3/10
Ingredients: Organic Cacao Beans, Organic Cane Sugar.

Appearance: beautiful personalized mold with varying thickness and a flower pattern; temper is good and color is a plain dark brown.
Aroma: sweet and woody; it smells like deja vu with a hint of cinnamon and candied orange peel.
Melt & Snap: good melt & strong snap.
Flavor: sweet and woody with a light-impact pluminess or some kind of light fruit flavor in the middle, which quickly slinks back away. Finish is short & very cocoa-y.
Complaints & Complements: it’s a nice chocolate, that I will definitely share with my co-workers, but I have tasted much better from Chocolate Tree.
Context: sitting on my Korean apartment floor after lesson planning all day.

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Sharing is caring!