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*Chomeet Taiwan 75% With Red Quinoa & Coffee

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Bar: Taiwan 75% With Red Quinoa & Coffee
Maker: Chomeet Chocolate (Taichung, Taiwan)
Price: ~$10/100g (Direct From Maker)
Munch Factor: 3/10
Ingredients: Taiwanese Cacao, Sugar, Taiwanese Red Quinoa, Taiwanese Coffee.

Appearance: This earliest iteration of their 75% chocolate came in a glass jar, labelled and stuffed with striped squares, each dotted with bright red quinoa and coffee nibs.
Aroma: Strong earthy cocoa with muted herbal undertones. You can’t really smell the inclusions, but if brown were a smell, this would be it.
Melt & Snap: Hard melt & hard snap.
Flavor: Earthy, then light tannins and mushrooms before fruitiness comes in and then dark cocoa leads you to a short and sweet salivating finish that leaves you wanting more. When it’s there, the coffee overwhelms all other flavor.
Complaints & Complements: It never ers too sweet or too bitter, but toes the line well. The texture of the chocolate itself could use some work, maybe some added cocoa butter or less refining, but I enjoyed this bar. I look forward to seeing what else they do with the multitude of uniquely Taiwanese ingredients they have at their disposal.
Context: In my classroom in Korea after lessons have finished for the day. It’s pleasantly warm.

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