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*French Broad 100%

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Bar: 100%
Maker: French Broad Chocolates (Asheville, NC, USA)
Price: $9/60g (Direct From Maker)
Overall Rating:
Munch Factor:

Appearance: completely expected dark brown color; 24-block pre-broken mold with brand name fancifully emblazoned on each rectangle.
Aroma: fruity, freshly-brewed dark roast coffee, drank among the woody coffee berry bushes.
Melt & Snap: nice melt & good snap.
Flavor: nothing buy dry, and then fruity bitterness, which gave way to savoriness I have come to associate with 100% chocolate; the finish was surprisingly mellow and very pleasant. I just kept eating.
Complaints & Complements: the bar had definitely melted and re-solidified in Belize, but adjusted quickly to the once-again hot pit that is Playa in summer. I also strangely had a dumping-off point for just cacao bars, as here in the Riviera Maya there is a cafe chain called Ah Cacao, which makes their own chocolate, and I’ve been munching on their 100% bar all week.
Context: Sitting in my rather hot apartment in Mexico, in front of a fan doing lesson plans.

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