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*Fu Wan Ecuador Nacional with Apricot Kernels 72%

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Bar: Ecuador Nacional with Apricot Kernels 72%
Maker: Fu Wan Chocolate (Pingtung County, Taiwan)
Price: $8/45g (Direct From Maker)
Overall Rating: 8/10
Munch Factor: 7/10
Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Taiwanese Almonds.

Appearance: medium brown colored with Mayan glyphs engraved down one side, and squares protruding from the other. Well tempered.
Aroma: very earthy almonds.
Melt & Snap: nice melt & strong snap.
Flavor: earthy with a hint of nut that continually grows stronger, and underlying sweetness that finishes a little bitterly. There is a lasting impression of sweet almond extract and cocoa.
Complaints & Complements: these are a local almond of sorts, the seeds from a fruit native to Taiwan, and pack a flavor punch. They’re quite fitting for the nacional variety of cacao, now believed to be the original cacao plant from which all other chocolate trees evolved. I was surprised to taste bitterness, since nacional is known for being nutty and mild, but this bar is delightful & highly addictive.
Context: sitting in my office before lunch.

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Food: Farm to Fermentation in Nantou County, Taiwan
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