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*Harper Macaw Atlantic Forest 74%

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Bar: Atlantic Forest 74%
Maker: Harper Macaw (Washington D.C., USA)
Price: $10.75/60g (The Chocolate House)
Overall Rating:
Munch Factor:
Organic Cacao Beans and Organic Cane Sugar.

Appearance: beautifully stylized, just like the outside packaging; a very light brown color more commonly seen in milk chocolate.
Aroma: earthy, floral cocoa with a buttery raggedness that just makes you breathe in harder.
Melt & Snap: beautiful melt & okay snap.
Flavor: cocoa earthiness follows and initial florality which immediately comes back, dragging light bitterness and grittiness to the short but noticeable finish line.
Complaints & Complements: it may seem that I’m not too fond of this bar, just a bit above average and not too many notes, but I really did enjoy it. The bar has a story to tell, and the chocolate only reveals the highlights, so I look forward to hearing more about Brazil from this local maker.
Context: Sitting in my climate-controlled house in the US.

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