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*Heist Chocolate Margarita 70%

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Bar: Margarita 70%
Maker: Heist Chocolate (Cardiff, Wales)
Price: $—/80g (Gift in Chocolate Swap)
Munch Factor: 7/10
Ingredients: dark chocolate (organic cocoa beans, cocoa butter, organic cane sugar), Halen Mon sea salt PDO, organic lime oil.

Appearance: it takes a lot these days to impress me with packaging, but putting your bars in mail-ready padded envelopes will certainly do the trick. Add to that the bright red thread tying it all together, and the cartoon character I’ve dubbed “Heist Boy,” whom they feature on all their packaging, and they’ve done basically everything right design-wise. The bar itself is wrapped in gold foil and is a very light brown color in a plain blocked mold. After several months of relaxing, the salt has caused some sugar bloom on the back.
Aroma: limeade. Salty, sweet lime juice, more or less.
Melt & Snap: great melt & fine snap.
Flavor: salt first, then faint lime strengthening as the salt and fat melt together. It becomes quite sweet, but never really chocolatey. The finish is short and limeade-like.
Complaints & Complements: this is a fun bar. No more, no less. For a friend who loves different drinks or fancy-looking foods, it would make a great present. Stunning. But the chocolate inside is so covered in other flavors that I couldn’t imagine describing it by origin or complexity level. It’s just a nice flavored chocolate.
Context: sitting in warm office on a summer evening.

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