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The Burch Fellowship 2015: Hello World!

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The deadline to apply for the Fellowship I’m gunning for is quickly approaching. I’ve been working on the application for months, shaping it as my plans make themselves clearer; Guatemala, Ecuador, and Peru are the final stops. From May to December 2015, I’ll be working with cacao farmers and chocolate makers in these areas, learning how to use their unique chocolate-making equipment, crafting bonbons, scaling cacao trees, and hacking cacao pods open with a machete! This blog will keep track of my adventures, as well as give advice whenever I have any… I expect to learn a lot about myself and others and the world in the next year or so.

Baby cacao pods on a tree in rural Guatemala. June 2015.

Canción de la semana: Sie7e— Mucha Cosa Buena

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Sharing is caring!