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Inked: The Story Behind My Cacao Pod Tattoo

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When you change your body, almost everyone will question your motives. For over a year I’d been considering inking my hip with a pair of pods, but I decided to hold off on the alteration of myself until my older sister could be there. I thought the tattoo would hurt and I’d need emotional support (I was wrong), but either way I knew someone should be there with me to experience the moment (or couple of hours).

Every once in a while I would sketch out design, tweaking it each time. Recently, I finally bought myself this fashionable scar, color and all. It forms the shape of two cacao pods hanging from a branch. The pods represent my sister and me; obviously the violet one is me. To those who ask “But why???” I chose this design for many reasons, some less clear than others.


  • I love cacao.
  • This tattoo is small enough (and placed) such that it can be hidden by clothing.
  • Cacao pods can be any color, so I had freedom with their appearance.
  • I have always loved tattoos, and even more so over the last few years.
  • With the two tattoo pods, my sister and I could reflect our own personalities with our own pods— for example, mine is a bit off center, like I was swaying in the wind.
  • Cacao is the primary material from which chocolate is made. So it is very central in the lives of many, even if they don’t know it, just like my sister is one of the most important and influential forces in my own life.

I finally decided on this design because it is something that I wanted for myself; it’s not something that I did so that others may admire it. Even though it’s a work of art, it is mine and mine alone. If you want to change your body in a way that doesn’t affect your basic health, consider a tattoo— and consider it for at least a year before taking action. Although it is easy (though not cheap) to get a tattoo, it is not a task to be taken lightly. The design needs to be something close to your heart, not just something you think is beautiful in the moment.
Cacao Pod Tattoo on Hip

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