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*Kallari Ecuadorian 70%

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Bar: 70% Single Origin
Maker: Kallari (Quito, Ecuador)
Price: $3.50/70g (Direct From Maker)
Overall Rating: 6/10
Munch Factor: 6/10
Ingredients: Cocoa Beans, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Vanilla Beans

Appearance: 18-square mold, perfect for sharing, with a cacao tree leaf branded into each one.
Aroma: Slightly woody and nutty, but also overpowering sweet dark cocoa with an almost mechanical sweetness.
Melt & Snap: Very nice melt & smooth snap.
Flavor: Marshmallow or something yeasty melts into dark sweet cocoa with some woodiness; exemplary texture makes for a short, smooth finish.
Complaints & Complements: It’s a very straight-forward bar in terms of flavor, and reasonably priced for it, but it’s almost too fatty. It would (& does, at their café in Quito) make a stupendous hot chocolate, however. The packaging is very stylized and unsurprising, but useful.

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