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7 Little Life Lessons From A Puppy

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To nod a polite goodbye to Guatemala, I have compiled an ode to probably my most consistent companion (other than myself) during my time there— Sunday, a.k.a. the family dog. Without further ado, here are the seven things I learned from this tiny dog during my stay in Guatemala:

  1. Bark often and enthusiastically, at all hours and usually at nothing. This way people never forget that you’re there and “accidentally” step on you.
  2. Know cool tricks that you can bring out to wow the kitchen staff- er, family that lovingly feeds you?
  3. Greet everyone with true excitement, because you never know what they have brought you or how much they already hated you upon walking in.
  4. Whenever you get the chance to escape, do. Whether this means taking a weekend away from the kids at your sister’s house or running full-speed from your house towards a fresh mud pile, always seize the day.
  5. Even when you already have food in your bowl, something good could come along at any moment, usually due to annoyance or pity. Maintain hope that one day you’ll receive that thing that you think you might want.
  6. You do you, even if that means being a tiny, smelly grey beast which is deceptively cute. Everyone will basically put up with you anyway.
  7. Never give up. Especially when she has pancakes. You looooove pancakes.


Canción de la semana: Justin Quiles— Esta Noche

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