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*Marou Chocolate Treasure Island 75%

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Bar: Treasure Island 75%
Maker: Marou Chocolate (Vietnam)
Price:  $10/80g (The Chocolate House)
Overall Rating:
Munch Factor:
Organic Cacao Beans and Organic Cane Sugar.

Appearance: plain dark brown color with nice temper; personalized mold emblazoned with the company’s signature stylized M.
Aroma: smoked gingerbread spices, especially cinnamon.
Melt & Snap: great melt & great snap.
Flavor: dark bitterness, then spice and smoke start off before allowing some sweetness to permeate and a wholly dark chocolate flavor to take over. The spice is less prominent on the second and third bites, and the finish is short.
Complaints & Complements: the smokiness at the top is strange but appreciated, as it adds a welcome complexity to the overall dynamic of flavor. This is a good bar with an appropriate amount of cocoa butter added.
Context: relaxing in my air-conditioned house in the US.

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