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August 2020: The Sickness

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Days sick: 1
Days danced: 0
This is gonna be the shortest monthly update ever (so far), because TBH I feel like crap rolled in thumbtacks.

My saving grace.

A few days into the month, I woke up with absolutely debilitating cramps, and my roommate’s sister helped me through it, along with a phone call from my parents and an episode of This American Life. So far this was merely the foreshadowing of much of the rest of my month, which involved mood swings, mourning, and a lot of good old-fashioned tears.

A bright spot was the great birthday I spent with my parents and a date, which I’ll remember happily no matter where the relationship goes. In the weeks between then and now, there’ve been some weeks of hamster wheeling at work and cooking a LOT. I also definitely avoided work, A LOT. When I was in Korea, this was around the time I’d get a vacation and a change of scenery for a week or two, so maybe this is just what they call the Seventh Month Itch.

In conclusion, I spent a large part of the last day of August sleeping & sweating, and getting a covid test done near my apartment. Waking up today, on September 1st, it doesn’t feel like I have it, though I’ve thrown every herbal remedy I have at the problem. For now, I’m just trying to eat enough food to get to the next day, and help digest all my supplements.

Until then, peace.

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