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December 2018: Ending The Year, But Continuing The Journey

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​Days Danced: 0

Days Sick: 0

I think I left my house at some point this month, but to be honest, I’m pretty sure that part was a dream. I dreamt every night this month, sleeping lightly in fear of a nearby explosion due to my broken boiler (I don’t know how boilers work). I spent so much time trying to stay warm under my covers that I think I’ve made a me-sized indent in my mattress (with a much smaller laptop-sized one right next to it)!

All Of The Interviews

At the beginning of this month I headed to Seoul to meet up with Linh and Chi, where we froze our butts off. This was the first time I got to see one of my best friends since May, and it was wonderful without being a wonderland! We saw some of the city, but mostly we ate Korean food and met up with some chocolate makers.

Finally I find myself discussing completing projects before I leave Korea, along with doing hella interviews for the podcast. Besides the several iterations of my show’s pilot episode (now live) and about 10 different drafts of the first full-length episode of my podcast (out tomorrow), I was also drafting newsletters and travel itineraries and articles. Just. So many drafts… I’ve learned a lot about audio this month, but I already know it’s nothing compared to what I will learn in this coming year!

With my boiler breaking repeatedly, I have to turn it off at night because otherwise I’m constantly afraid that it’s gonna explode. Irrational, yes, but a fear of mine nonetheless. Fortunately someone came to fix it a couple times a week so I could take a long enough shower to wash my hair. But all the rest of the time I was working on that me-sized mattress indentation, I promise. And while casting my me-sized indent, I found myself listening to a lot of latino trap music and R&B. Some favorites have been: A. Chal, Jorja Smith, and James Vickery.

New Years 2018

I spent the last weekend of 2018 in Busan, with a local friend who’s suddenly in the process of moving to Seoul, and with whom I hope to stay in contact. She’s on my shortlist of people to call when I want to hang out with other humans or need help with translation, or just plain old want to talk. It’s hard letting go of old friendships, but it’s the people you meet who take up that place in your life which make the loss a place for growth.

For me at least, it’s the rare person with whom I feel completely at ease in silence, but she and I manage that quite well. As for the last few hours of 2018, I spent those finishing up the final draft of the first full length episode of my podcast, and eating spicy fried chicken & reflecting upon my year. Not a great choice for my acid reflux, but your twenties are a time to make mistakes, eh?

Also, at midnight a massive group of high school boys starting singing extremely loudly as we set off fireworks in the street of my town.

I also had to say bye to the 6th graders I’ve taught for 2.5 years. ?

Resolutions For 2019

2018 taught me a lot of acceptance.

I’m learning to accept my own flaws, find time for relaxing in order to concentrate, and make myself laugh. It’s during those time when I just laugh at a thought and then realize that nobody’s around that I remember that it’s nobody’s and nothing’s job to make me happy. It’s my own job.

I just hope that all the work I’m putting into building that job of happiness will have been worth it in the end! My health is definitely feeling the effects of neglect, and it ain’t pretty. So here’s to working for health and happiness in 2019. I hope the same for you & yours.

Sharing is caring!

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