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June 2019: Well, It’s Over

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I officially start my adventure next month! That’s honestly one of the biggest highlights of this month: it ended.
Days Danced: 4
Days Sick: 0

So Much Tired

I actually started off the month pretty nicely, with a delicious dinner with a friend after my 3rd zouk lesson. We ate at a great Latin restaurant in Hongdae, Casa Latina, while the next weekend I ate at B’Mucho, the best Mexican restaurant I’ve been to in Seoul. Over the course of the month I had some intense headaches and other related torture from my last month of intense accutane. These came along with other types of headaches in the form of being forgotten, by my zouk class, co-workers, friends; you name it.

Yet unsurprisingly, by the end of the class I was reigniting my love of dance with zouk. My weekends and midnights were punctuated with more interviews for my podcast, sacrificing sleep for content. It’s really not putting me in a great mood to edit this post, so it may not be the clearest.

The beauty of the countryside, which comes with the rain, also began to reappear this month. Some parts of June weren’t even that bad. I got offered my first three big paid freelance jobs, one of which is ongoing, and qualified for the best ad network out there for bloggers, Mediavine.

With my zouk class in Seoul.

One Of The Worst Days

I had an incredibly shitty ( pun intended) final Monday of June when I found out some disturbing personal news that ruined any good memories created over the weekend (plus about a year of then before that). I learned all this after literally not sleeping a wink all night, riddled with anxiety. I seriously need a therapist. That day I had to head to work as usual, but for the fact that I had a colonoscopy scheduled for that afternoon and needed to drink 4L of water that morning, along with zero food.

It was a very very very long day.

Luckily the procedure went fine, probably one of the least difficult procedures I’ve ever had in Korea, actually but I was very glad to see that Monday end. The rest of the week eked by, with various needs being thrown at me most evenings. This was an incredibly overwhelming month, but I was glad to be able to spend the last weekend of it with a friend from the States. We’ve started a tradition of seeing each other ~once every other year, usually on a trip to a far-away country.

She’s a dancer, so we managed to go out dancing twice in one weekend, a reminder of how much I love Latin American-style salsa & bachata, and how out of my element I feel in most of Korea. We made the stupidest jokes; some people you just click with no matter how long it’s been.

The Best Parts

This seems like such a shitty month, reading through this, that I want to remember some of the fun & happy things I did.

  • I wore my favorite dress, giving no fucks what others thought
  • Got really into Brazilian Funk, which is the shit
  • Ate some delicious Latin American food
  • Learned how to feel confident while dancing zouk
  • Saw an old friend who just moved to Korea
  • Book so many plane tickets and exciting interviews
  • Got the first few freelance gigs I needed to remind me how well I know my field of choice
  • An adorable Russian dude asked me on a run date after leaving the gym (lol @the thought of me running on purpose)
  • Despite staying up way too late most nights, there were times I chose me, and I need to remember that that’s okay
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