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May 2021: Off The Rails, But Normalizing

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Days sick: 0
Days danced: 0
It’s a quick update this month, as I’ve set some lofty goals for myself and I’m trying to reduce my stress levels. Also, hopefully “days danced” will have a number other than zero next to it by this time next month! 🙂

May started off a bit rough. I was off the cannabis all month, but honestly, it wasn’t nearly as bad as expected. There were bumps, but our puppy slowly got less disruptive, my stress levels continued to go back down, and all my little plants started to bloom! Plus, I got to see my sister for the first time in well over a year. In fact, a few weeks after getting my second vaccine shot (Moderna— just one night of feverish chills and muscles aches, and then a sore arm) I flew to Colorado to stay at my sister’s place for a couple of weeks!

Beforehand I got to go rock climbing for the first time in almost two years, and I booked a couple of trips to go see loved ones throughout the US, albeit later on in the year. Other than several very anxiety-filled nights, I felt more normal this month than any previous one in years, and all with no cannabis or other sleep/anxiety aides. Just in my first few days in Colorado, I’ve seen more old friends than I’d seen in the entire previous year, and that’s been incredibly good for me.

Honestly, everything is coming up Maxie, but for some stress- and hunger-induced mood swings (and yeah, some crying). With cannabis back in my life next week, here’s hoping for some less restless nights & less anxiety in June!

With my good friend Sam in Pueblo, CO!

Sharing is caring!

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