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November 2020: Biden-Harris, Baybee!

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Days sick: 0
Days danced: 0
Well, we’re not counting mental health days in the above number… But overall, last month was good.

At the very beginning of November, I got my medical marijuana card certified and was able to get my medicine. Just a day or two later, on election night, I had major anxiety; luckily a video date kept me relatively calm. But as election day stretched into five, finally on Saturday Biden-Harris was elected to the highest office in the land.

The hour it was officially announced by the AP was crazy. All of DC started honking, and flooded the streets in the evening to the point that it looked like a normal Saturday night. I bought biscuits in the afternoon just for an excuse to go out and be in the presence of others as excited as I was.

I screamed until my throat was raw & I lost my voice for days afterwards. At one point, I even did a Mexican grito back at someone doing one from a high-up balcony; I’ve never felt so connected to the entire city as I did that day. Fuck yeah, democracy. 

A few days later, hair mineral results confirmed what we’d been suspecting has been causing many of my health issues, which is copper toxicity. I’ve only been detoxing for about two months at this point, but like my blogger friend Victoria, even just the week after getting the IUD out, I felt like a new human. It’s gonna be awhile until I’m back as the happy person I was at 20 and 21, but I have faith that I’ll get there.

Unlike most of 2020, this month actually seems to be looking up. I even have a new person in my life, one who feels somewhat different from those before. I had a couple lunches with my parents and did a lot of Christmas shopping, but above all, I had the best barbecue of my life & more baths than I can count. The year is finally winding down. Here’s to a better December than any other month of the year, and a safer & happier future for us all. 

Talk again in 2021!

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