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*Pacari Piura Quemazón 70%

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Bar: Piura Quemazón (70%)
Maker: Pacari (Quito, Ecuador)
Price: $GIFT (Chocolátl, The Netherlands)
Overall Rating: 6/10
Munch Factor: 3.5/10
Ingredients: Organic Cacao Beans, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cacao Butter and Sunflower Lecithin

**I tried this after its “best-by” date.
Appearance: Very light color, general pre-broken mold.
Aroma: Woodsy cocoa, like it had been carved directly from the cacao tree.
Melt & Snap: Surprisingly decent melt and a very loud snap.
Flavor: Chalky texture expected of an old bar, but then a simultaneous melt into a sweet cocoa. Rather astringent finish with a lightly tannic aftertaste.
Complaints & Complements: The inner-packaging is the same for all Pacari bars, a well-done echo of the outside, revealing its origin. But I like the outer packaging as well, giving the option to eat some & then come back. It’s a good size, as well, for the price of Piura beans.

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