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*Palette De Bine Lam Dong Vietnam 72%

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Bar: Lam Dong Vietnam (72%)
Maker: Palette De Bine (Canada)
Price: $9/70g (Direct From Maker)
Overall Rating: 7.5/10
Munch Factor: 4/10
Ingredients: Cocoa beans, Sugar

Appearance: Wonderful wood plank-style mold, with deep brown color. Very intricate.
Aroma: Initial cocoa with light smoke, and maybe some earthiness and tannins a strong wood finish, like the beans had been left to sit in oak barrels for years, soaking in the overtness pictured in the bar’s mold.
Melt & Snap: Hard melt & snap, almost certainly due to lack of added cocoa butter.
Flavor: Savory smooth start that reminds me of salt, then melting into cocoa with just a whisper of the woody scent and smoke. Some friends said it started off fruity, but I didn’t get any of that. Wonderfully mild and bittersweet aftertaste, which reminds me of peanut butter. Delightfully smooth texture.
Complaints & Complements: Rather unique savouriness; good job! I don’t think I could love this packaging any more. It’s envelope-style, with antiquated paper, just as I like it. Don’t like the plastic inner-packaging, though. Functional & well-branded. I love the name’s prominence in the mold’s appearance, and wonder how Christine decided on it. I’ll have to ask her sometime!

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