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*Parliament Chocolate Öko Caribe 70%

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Bar: Öko Caribe 70% (Dominican Republic)
Maker: Parliament Chocolate (Redlands, CA, USA)
Price: ~$5/47g (gift from a friend)
Munch Factor: 3/10
Ingredients: cacao & cane sugar.

Appearance: this is the perfect-sized chocolate bar, compact at just about an ounce-and-a-half. The hipster owl on the front is the perfectly obscure explanation of the name of the company. Medium dark-brown bar in a close-cropped block mold goes quite well with the compact theme.
Aroma: sweet with red fruit & strong earthy undertones; quite typical of Dominican beans, in my experience.
Melt & Snap: very hard melt & very strong snap.
Flavor: the red fruits take a hard lead, and honestly the texture is chewable for the first 10 seconds it’s in my mouth. I’ve recently read that this was a limited release, so it’s completely possible that this bar is over a year old. The earthiness comes in under it all and the texture lends a juiciness to the experience until some tannin comes in on a moderate finish.
Complaints & Complements: I really like this company, but I did not really like this bar. The flavor notes they described on the back were much too subtle for me, if they were there at all. So while the design & ethos were a big win for me here, the bar itself will not be on my wishlist anytime soon. I would, however, give the compoany another chance, hopefully their new Thai origin.
Context: in my office on a lovely late spring morning just before eating or drinking anything.

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