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*Ranger Chocolate San Martin 70%

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Bar: San Martin 70%
Maker: Ranger Chocolate (Portland, Oregon, USA)
Price: $2/7g (The Meadow)
Overall Rating:
Munch Factor:
 Cacao & Cane Sugar

Appearance: Light brown and a plain square molding, though this may only be due to its tiny size.
Aroma: Woody but immensely sweet, like honey and cocoa-dusted apricots.
Melt & Snap: great melt & decent snap.
Flavor: Turkish coffee; tanniny with light red fruits and an intervening sweetness. Moderately dry finish.
Complaints & Complements: The texture on it left something to be desired; it was rather clumpy. The dryness unfortunately stays with you, otherwise I’d have rated this bar higher. It goes well until the end, which tells you that they probably bought bad beans.

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