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*Rogue Porcelana 80% (batches 2 & 3 comparison)

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Bar: Porcelana, Venezuela batches 2 & 3 (80%)
Maker: Rogue Chocolatier (Three Rivers, Massachusetts, USA)
Price: $18/60g each (Cocova, online US retailer)
Overall Rating: 8/10
Munch Factor: 8/10
Ingredients: Cocoa Beans and Sugar

Appearance: Both bars are plain dark brown in the most nondescript mold I’ve ever seen.
Aroma: Sweet creamy cocoa with lightly nutty undertones of honey. Very mellow overall, with no discernible difference between the two bars.
Melt & Snap: good melt from both & good snap from 3 but a strong snap from 2.
Flavor: Cocoa powder and then a melty sweetness of perfect and mellow cocoa notes with a long finish. Only discernible difference was a deeper nuttiness from 3; nary a tannin in sight.
Complaints & Complements: It says to enjoy by 12/15, but I always ignore that on Colin’s bars since last week I had the last of a 1st edition Silvestre bar, gifted to me by my friend Lowe from ChocoFiles, which was dated 06/14 and was still fabulous. So Rogue— kudos on still being celebration-worthy nearly ten years after starting. I’d buy this bar again, albeit as a gift.

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