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*Solstice Chocolate Anamalai 70% (India)

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Bar: Anamalai 70% (India)
Maker: Solstice Chocolate (Murray, UT, USA)
Price: $9/65g (Cacao Review)
Munch Factor: 5/10
Ingredients: organic cacao bean, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter.

Appearance: all of Solstice’s bars put together create a beautiful spectrum of colors & origins, and this is one of the latest additions. The bar’s dark brown color and pre-broken block mold, emblazoned with suns, is a nice contrast to the purple packaging.
Aroma: strong cocoa and a little platic or play doh action, with sweet undertones.
Melt & Snap: beautiful melt & good snap.
Flavor: sweet like candy, then strong acidity that became heady like apple juice and then gave into some tannin before before melting into strong fruitiness with little cocoa at the end. The evolution of flavors is spectacular, if a jolt to the system! This bar’s got quite a bite.
Complaints & Complements: Solstice’s packaging has been some of my favorite for several years now, both for its functionality & its aesthetic appeal. As for the chocolate inside, this bar is good, mild with a bite, but there’s still a bit of an acidic bite that could use muting— I’d be 100% into trying a dark milk version of this bar.
Context: in my office on a warm day after finishing teaching all my classes.

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