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*Solstice Chocolate Palos Blancos 70%

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Bar: Palos Blancos 70% (Bolivia)
Maker: Solstice Chocolate (Murray, UT, USA)
Price: $9/65g (Cacao Review)
Munch Factor: 6.5/10
Ingredients: organic cacao bean, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter.

Appearance: Solstice’s whole line of bars bears only the pertinent info on the front and a different color for each origin. This shade is a soft blue, like a light cornflower. The bar itself is medium brown with 8 squares in a pre-broken mold each one emblazoned with a sun. The resealable packaging is priceless.
Aroma: sweet cocoa with red fruits and a bright tone— it smells mildly addictive.
Melt & Snap: nice melt & strong snap.
Flavor: dull cocoa deepens as it brightens as it brightens & sweetens over the melt, and a touch of astringency finishes off the note. The melt really is lovely, though the bar itself is just good. The moderate finish leaves the tannin with you as the cocoa fades away.
Complaints & Complements: a few years back I tried this bar and remember being impressed, probably by how mild and straightforward it was. Now my tastes have changed and I prefer more variety and evolution in my flavors, but still, I enjoy this bar. It’s a good introduction to how dark chocolates should be, and I’ll definitely continue to buy it.
Context: in my classroom after a few classes and before lunch.29

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