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Craft Chocolate Review Azzan 70% Vietnam Front of Bar Packaging

*Azzan Chocolate 70%

Bar: 70% Dark Maker: Azzan Chocolate (Buon Me Thuot, Vietnam) Price: $6/60g (Gift From Friend) Munch Factor: 4/10 Ingredients: cacao beans, sugar. Appearance: beautiful white paper covered in animal, cacao, and human motifs, the bar is held together by a bright red paper with the brand name & logo printed in gold. Bar is dark brown with …

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Craft Chocolate Review Cocoa Republic 65% with Blue Mountain Coffee Front of Bar Packaging

*Cocoa Republic 65% with Blue Mountain Coffee

Bar: 65% with Blue Mountain Coffee Maker: Cocoa Republic Chocolate (Trinidad) Price: $5.50/30g (LUVCACAO) Munch Factor: 5.5/10 Ingredients: Trinitario Cocoa Beans from Trinidad, Demerara Brown Sugar from Guyana, Organic Cocoa Butter, Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica, Non-GMO Soy Lecithin. Appearance: colorful but not overly bright cacao pods decorate a small, thin white package; ingredients and info are on …

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Tokyo Chocolate: Bean To Bar Guide

Tokyo is undeniably the hub of Japanese craft chocolate culture. Both in terms of the number & density of makers and the variety of styles, origins, and approaches, the Tokyo chocolate scene is bursting with opportunities for indulgence. After visiting the best Tokyo restaurants— themselves among the best in the world— you now have over a dozen …

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