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​Seoul Salon du Chocolat 2017

When was the last time you connected Korea and chocolate in the same complete thought? Just now, reading that sentence? Good, you’re properly prepared for Seoul’s Salon du Chocolat. Wandering Hall D The salon is a hectic place. It can be a very pleasant experience, though like most things in Korea, it was not quite what …

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EPIK Orientation October 2016

A month ago I had an 11pm curfew. Yes, as an adult. Attending EPIK Orientation My ridiculous curfew was at my orientation for teaching English through the EPIK Program here in Korea. And yes, I attended a late orientation nearly a month after I arrived here. Exactly one month ago today, actually. The schedule had us booked from …

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Halloween in Seoul

Halloween is only a weekday affair in Korea if you’re a kid, and especially if you have an American English teacher, who are notorious for week-long celebrations of the holiday. So two weeks ago, all official dates for the holiday were disregarded and the adults took their turn, on the weekend. Halloween went down in Seoul. Heading …

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​Stranger Epiphanies in Korea

*Updated March 2018 On a Saturday night in Hongdae, the main university neighborhood of Seoul, these two young Korean girls approached me on the street, asking if I knew where to find an English book store. Now let me repeat the strange part, for those unfamiliar with Korea: they approached me. This is simply not …

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