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Taiwanese Cacao

Chocolate On The Road: Taiwan

“Most Asian people care about their health. And the dark or black [chocolate] means health.” -Joyce Lee, Founder & Chocolate Maker of JL Chocolate Taiwan has developed immensely over the several decades since Japanese occupation ended, often referenced as one of the Four Asian Tigers. The country is now better known for bubble tea & …

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Fuwan Taiwanese chocolate bar front packaging

*Fuwan Chocolate Taiwan #1 62%

Bar: Taiwan #1 62% Maker: Fuwan Chocolate (Pingtung County, Taiwan) Price: $9/45g (Direct From Maker) Munch Factor: 6/10 Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Sugar, Cocoa Butter. Appearance: plain dark brown color with a striped blocked rectangular mold; good temper. Aroma: sweet molasses. Melt & Snap: hard melt & hard snap. Flavor: honey and earth undertones on a strong …

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