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Vietnamese Chocolate

Craft Chocolate Review Azzan 70% Vietnam Front of Bar Packaging

*Azzan Chocolate 70%

Bar: 70% Dark Maker: Azzan Chocolate (Buon Me Thuot, Vietnam) Price: $6/60g (Gift From Friend) Munch Factor: 4/10 Ingredients: cacao beans, sugar. Appearance: beautiful white paper covered in animal, cacao, and human motifs, the bar is held together by a bright red paper with the brand name & logo printed in gold. Bar is dark brown with …

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Craft Chocolate Bar Review Stone Hill Tree to Bar Vietnamese 70% Front of Bar Packaging Closeup

*Stone Hill Chocolate 72% Vietnam

Bar: Vietnam 72% Maker: Stone Hill Chocolate (Vietnam) Price: $13/90g (Decor Shop in Saigon, Vietnam) Munch Factor: 3.5/10 Ingredients: cacao beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter. Appearance: the packaging of this bar is stunning. Vibrant water colors on a paper-like background balance well with the dull gold lettering. It’s well-branded and clear what their intent is in creating their …

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Saigon Vietnam Chocolate Guide Alluvia Chocolatier Chocolate Bars

Alluvia Chocolatier: Vietnam’s Newest Bean-To-Bar Chocolate Maker?

But Wait…Why is it a Question? To start, I want to address the elephant dominating the tail end of the sentence— a question mark. Concerns were raised by fellow chocolate people, as well as myself, in regard to the bean-to-bar nature of Alluvia Chocolatier‘s products. Their advertisement material in English conflicts with itself in a …

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