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*The Chocolate Tree Madagascar 72%

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Bar: Madagascar (72%)
Maker: The Chocolate Tree (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Price: $9/90g (Chocolátl, The Netherlands)
Overall Rating: 7/10
Munch Factor: 4/10
Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Cane Sugar

Appearance: beautiful raised mold, though I’ve seen it before in Hummingbird chocolate, in Canada. There is only the very slightest tinge of red as the package touts.
Aroma: Strong earthiness underwrites the smell, with overtones of dried stewed berries. Overall very pleasant.
Melt & Snap: Melts and snaps nicely; very little clumping.
Flavor: Starts a little mossy and then strong earth, moving towards a dull apricot sweetness, ending with a nuttiness which reminds me of hazelnut caramel. Short bitter finish.
Complaints & Complements: Beautiful, almost collectible packaging; very old-style. Even the font is terrifically appealing. I LOVE THE TWO BARS! And the different heights of the pieces almost allow for different serving sizes, so it’s very nice. Beautiful inside & out.

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