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*The Chocolate Tree Marañón w/ Nibs & Salt 69%

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Bar: Marañón w/ nibs and salt (69%)
Maker: The Chocolate Tree (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Price: $GIFT (Chocolátl, The Netherlands)
Overall Rating: 7.5/10
Munch Factor: 7.5/10
Ingredients: Cocoa beans, Sugar, Cocoa butter, Salt

Appearance: Lots of air bubbles on the top, and a very definite lumpiness due to the salt and nibs.
Aroma: Upfront sleekness from the salt, as well as an earthier rawness from the nibs; overall, familiar-smelling. Strong scent of roasting cacao, not quite to the right bake.
Melt & Snap: decent melt & strong snap; I like that.
Flavor: the saltiness hits your taste buds first, so that you are salivating when you realize the sweet cacao, by then feeling the nibs out. Crunch! Munch, much, munch and lunch. Very refined cacao, throughout.
Complaints & Complements: I appreciate, for sharing purposes, that it comes with 2-40 gram bars in each package; entrancing outside to contrast with bright inside. Overall a wonderful aesthetic.

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