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*Undone Chocolate 70% with Salt

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Bar: 70% with Salt
Maker: Undone Chocolate (Washington D.C., USA)
Price: $6.99/56g (Mom’s Organic Market)
Overall Rating:
Munch Factor:
 Organic Cacao, Organic Cane Sugar, Sea Salt

Appearance: Plain elongated 12-block pre-broken mold; very dark brown color with iridescent salt crystals on the back.
Aroma: Sweet cocoa with rough edges (I blame the salt’s influence)
Melt & Snap: okay melt & nice snap.
Flavor: Very smooth slightly earthy cocoa is cut by salt and then incoming notes of fruitiness and the lightest tannin near the end; moderate nutty finish.
Complaints & Complements: Underwhelming typical packaging, though the bar itself manages to appear elegant. The evolution of flavors is not to be denied, though, and is lovely, showcasing the abilities of what I believe to be a fine chocolate maker… and local, too!

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