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Vento d’Oro Java Dark 70% (Indonesia)

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Bar: Java Dark 70% (Indonesia)
Maker: Vento d’Oro (Moskovskaya Oblast, Russia)
Price: ~$3/20g (gift from a friend)
Munch Factor: 4.5/10
Ingredients: cacao, sugar.

Appearance: this tiny bar reminds me of an ancient book, even more so with the Russian-language description on the back, though the company name sounds Italian. The gold inner paper reminds me of those butter packets you get on the airplane. With a nice temper and a customized Vento d’Oro mold, the bar itself is nice-looking; the color nearly matches the packaging.
Aroma: sweet but complex, like Acacia honey, with subtle strawberry undertones.
Melt & Snap: good melt & passable snap.
Flavor: honey, with earthy notes emerging almost immediately and a lightly acidic astringency playing in the background. The honeyed finish is long and sweet, albeit a little dusty.
Complaints & Complements: in Italian, vento d’oro means “golden wind.” I’m intrigued by the old world aesthetics of this bar, and think that the chocolate inside is pretty good. It’s certainly not a transformative bar, but I’m intrigued by the Russian chocolate scene, for sure. I’d buy another bar of theirs.
Context: relaxing in my office before lunch on a surprisingly cool summer afternoon.

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