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Backpacking Machu Picchu: How to Get to Aguas Calientes (Photos)

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While living in the Sacred Valley of Peru, I went on an adventure to see Machu Picchu as a backpacker, and with a backpacker’s budget, widely claimed to be one of the Seven Wonders of the (Modern) World.

The trip started on a Wednesday morning after a colectivo (shared van) ride from Cusco to Ollantaytambo. From there I took a second colectivo towards the hydroelectric plant, and many vast, foggy mountains & several stops for food later, we arrive at the plant. Note that if you take a colectivo to Santa Teresa/Hydro-Electric Plant, you will either have to pay an arm & both legs for a 20 minute train ride the rest of the way into town, or walk the 7km to the town of Aguas Calientes.

It’s a cute but jaded town; you won’t get a deal on anything unless you have at least 5 people in your group. The walk to get there is beautiful and easy, and takes about two hours, especially if you walk fast and stop to take a ton of pictures like I did, so budget that time in. Also bring bugspray. I picked up some new Korean friends on the way, as well as a Chilean guy the Koreans had previously adopted. I went the very first part alone, but the rest? See for yourself.

iPhone Machu Picchu 069
iPhone Machu Picchu 072
iPhone Machu Picchu 075
iPhone Machu Picchu 087

Just before arriving at the train station, you stop at a checkpoint and sign your name in a big book. Then the fun part starts. Now you could sleep on the van, but the walk is a whole other animal.

iPhone Machu Picchu 090
iPhone Machu Picchu 098
iPhone Machu Picchu 100
iPhone Machu Picchu 103

It’s like you’re there, but you don’t have to be sore for days after.

iPhone Machu Picchu 106
iPhone Machu Picchu 121
iPhone Machu Picchu 131
iPhone Machu Picchu 127

Feel free to stop for a snack, since you didn’t pay for the train. Feel free to also watch it pass you on by while you take a bite.

iPhone Machu Picchu 146
iPhone Machu Picchu 138
iPhone Machu Picchu 157

Over 1 million people visit the Sacred Valley every year. Have you been to Machu Picchu yet? 

Sharing is caring!

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