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This will likely categorize most of my posts, but here are all of the posts focused on my experiences outside of the US of A!

Belgian Chocolate Culture

I couldn’t roll my eyes any harder than I do when people tell me that Belgian chocolate is the best. Just because we associate a certain food with a specific country doesn’t make theirs the best, nor does it make all of their good— American hot dogs, for one. But the myth of Belgian chocolate …

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15 Brussels Chocolate Shops & Stops

The number of chocolate shops in Brussels is meant to astound. Most people will point you towards the most established Belgian chocolate shops in Brussels, like Leonidas, Mary’s, Godiva, and Planete, but historic doesn’t always mean good. Sometimes crappy products continue to thrive because every guide book is just recommending what all the others are. …

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Fijian Cacao & Chocolate Culture

Fiji is not a commonly-referenced cacao origin, but the island chain produces hundreds of tons of cacao each year. On the global scale, this amount barely registers but for the fact that it shows rising production. Yet the vast majority of the chocolate consumed on the islands is imported, and largely bears rather distinctive purple …

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Singaporean Chocolate Culture

Trends in Singapore tend to develop and spread rapidly, especially in the food industry. Some past examples include specialty coffee, black sugar, and salted egg everything. Each of these items has had their moment in the spotlight, and most have left a lasting legacy still open for business in one corner or another of the …

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