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33 Best Amsterdam Chocolate Shops & Destinations

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Apparently I look Dutch. This is the number one takeaway from my Amsterdam chocolate adventure, which took me to a few dozen chocolateries across the city. I found that most chocolate shops in Amsterdam are quite small.

Most shops specialize in only chocolate, with no seating or other goodies to choose from. It’s grab, and then go. But there were several gems in the bunch, all of which I’ve shared below.

Being next door to Belgium, the influence of that neighborly exchange is undeniable in both their love of French fries and their chocolate culture. In Amsterdam, most chocolateries sold their wares by weight, with an average-sized bonbon coming in at around €1 apiece.

Just like the vegan eats in Amsterdam, most shops are easy to just walk to. Very few shops sell coffee or other beverages, and almost everywhere accepts either cash or card. Piles of bonbons in each window is the signature of chocolate shops in the Netherlands, and while it’s an easy identifier, it’s unfortunately no indication of quality.

Even the prettiest bonbons were often devoid of flavor, so choose carefully. Even if you end up with a dud the first time, you’re never too far from another chocolate shop in Amsterdam. The whole city is very walkable, and quite lovely with all the canals crisscrossing along the streets.

There are TONS of bikes throughout the city, and you can easily rent one to explore for the day, and maybe even do a chocolate tour of your own. Note that “van” in Dutch means “of” or “from,” so the many shops starting with the word “Van” are simply named after a place or person.

Online Chocolate Shops in Amsterdam

Led by bean to bar chocolate retailers, ClearChox and Chocoladeverkopers, these are some of the online chocolate shops in Amsterdam, most of which also deliver throughout The Netherlands (some have international shipping at a high markup).

While their selections may vary, each of these guarantees you a taste of the local Amsterdam chocolate scene. Click on each of their names to visit their website.

Choco & Things: Centered upon the market for “raw” and vegan chocolate in Amsterdam, C&T currently makes 4 flavors of dark chocolates. Their 35g bars come in Coffee Crunch, Almond & Fig, Beetroot Sea Salt, and Date & Chili.

Wrapped in plain paper packaging, they’re either delivered by bike or sold at a retailer near you (if you happen to currently be in Amsterdam).

Rokbar Chocolate: “Made & owned by women” is not just their motto, but their business model. Rokbar is a bean to bar chocolate company dedicated to bringing more of the profits in the value chain back to the women producing that value.

Their line of chocolate— with one origin currently available and two more on the way— is focused on dark chocolate bars, but more flavors are in the works. Their Peru bar is produced at-origin, but the company is based in Amsterdam.

Pure Kakaw: This couple’s goal is to share delicious, nutritious cacao drinks with the public, mostly from their base in Amsterdam. With their traveling cacao bar, they’re bringing traditional flavors from Central and South America to a pop-up shop or a kitchen near you.

Sourced directly by the co-founder himself, their cacao is processed here in The Netherlands, into either 100% chocolate flakes or blocks, all for making cacao drinks at home. A physical location is in the works, but for now you can order online & find a corresponding recipe on their site.

Sweet Carambole: These are the types of bonbons you sit down with, grab a glass of water, and savor individually & mindfully. The selection of 8 I bought was delightfully different, with each truffle containing a minimum of three individual components, carefully illustrated in the included flavor guide.

Owner and creativity master Rita brings together truly fresh ingredients with some of the world’s best bean to bar chocolates. I just wish I lived closer. Available for pickup or very local delivery, and purchase at The Chocolate Shop in The Hague.

A box of 8 Sweet Carambole bonbons… oh how I wish I had more!

Amsterdam Bean To Bar Chocolate

Cacao Museum Amsterdam

This museum specializes in bean to bar chocolate and chocolate education, particularly on the history of chocolate. Since the museum is pretty far away from downtown & open on days inconvenient for my visit, I didn’t make it on my most recent trip, but I really wish I had.

Beyond the museum portion, this is one of the most consistent destinations for chocolate workshops in Amsterdam. Their offerings vary from praline production or bean to bar chocolate making, to chocolate painting or pairing.

You can visit the Amsterdam Chocolate Museum any time from 10am to 6pm for free entrance to the museum itself, and to shop in the bean to bar gift shop. Please email ahead of time to reserve a class or workshop.

Address: Czaar Peterstraat 175, Amsterdam

Hours: 10am-8pm, Tue.-Sat.

Macao Movement

The physical shop for Macao Movement is a relatively new addition to the Amsterdam Chocolate scene, but it’s making an appropriately delicious splash. Based just across the river in Chocolala Land, Macao Movement is a craft chocolate company headed by woman-on-a-mission Malou Dronkers, who’s best-known for her crispy caramelized whole cacao beans.

If you visit her cafe or order online, you can also try some of her delicious single origin chocolate bars and hot chocolates, some of which are vegan-friendly. Malou and her company were also featured in my article on Millennials in Chocolate.

Address: Spreeuwenpark 4HS, 1021 GW Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 12pm-6pm, Fri. & Sat.

Chocolátl (Possibly Permanently Closed)

Chocolátl is one of the original bean to bar chocolate shops in Amsterdam, boasting a massive selection of bean to bar chocolate bars, and a small in-house drink menu. The selection is currently around 60 makers, give or take a few, all hand-selected by the owner, Adil.

Once you’ve had a chance to peruse the hundreds of chocolate bars in the shop, you can select from one of three origins of Michel Cluizel chocolate shots, or a limited number of espresso beverages. There’s seating for up to six patrons, so it’s a nice spot to rest for a minute and talk chocolate.

May I recommend snacking on one of the half-dozen flavors of bonbons for sale at the counter?

Address: Hazenstraat 25-A, 1016 SM Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 12pm-6:30pm, Tue.-Sat. & 1pm-5pm, Sun.


While I couldn’t make it to their physical retail shop in Amsterdam, I’ve tried several of Chocolatemakers’ bars over the years, and they’re pretty good. As a company, they’re dedicated to building a 100% transparent and sustainable supply chain through direct trade with cacao farmers.

Bars from their line range from 37% milk chocolates to 92% darks. Each ingredient in these bars corresponds to one of the conservation projects they buy into when purchasing their cacao and sugar. Although their chocolate factory isn’t fully open to the public, right now they offer weekly chocolate making experiences at €25 per person.

Address: Radarweg 32A, 1042 AA Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 2:30pm-4pm, Fridays (by reservation only)

Metropolitan Cafe

Amsterdam chocolate

While I wasn’t expecting much when I walked into Metropolitan, this chocolate cafe is popular for a reason— delicious chocolate. They seem to specialize in coffee & chocolate drinks, but also offer 15 flavors of gelato, 10 flavors of chocolate bonbons & bars, and a huge array of cakes and pastries.

Their waffles with all the fixings look like they’d hit the spot on a cold day, and with seating for a dozen, you could fit a fair number of visitors in.

The chocolates themselves are very good, especially considering how inexpensive they are (less than €1 each, as with most Amsterdam chocolate shops). The lemon bonbon in particular is very flavorful but balanced, with a fruity dark chocolate and a bright lemon undertone.

Address: Warmoesstraat 135A, 1012 JB Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 9am-10pm, daily

Downtown Amsterdam Chocolatiers

Cacao & Spice Chocolate and Ganache Amsterdam are two other Downtown Amsterdam chocolatiers I didn’t have the chance to visit, due to a foot injury, but check them out if you decide to go on a self-guided chocolate tour in Amsterdam.

Tony’s Chocoloney Super Store

Tony’s Chocoloney is probably one of the most famous Dutch chocolate brands out there, thanks to their campaign branding their chocolate as “slave-free.” This outlet offers their entire line of plain & flavored chocolate bars, along with loads of smaller, cheeky gifts, like chocolate milk and some chocolate eggs.

They also carry their coffee table book, and the shop is staffed by two people at all times to answer all of your questions. Expect a line at the bar dispenser. Note that this shop is located inside the Beurs van Berlage center.

Address: Oudebrugsteeg 15, 1012 JN Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 10am-9pm, daily

Chocolate Company

If you’re dead-set on chocolate and only have a few minutes to spare before your train, this is not a bad spot to stop into. Chocolate Company is located right inside Amsterdam Centraal Station. Hot chocolate spoons line the back wall, with a couple dozen flavors of bonbons and some small cakes in display cases at the counter.

The cafe was packed to capacity (about a dozen people) on our visit, mostly with customers drinking beverages from their large coffee and chocolate drink menu. The chocolate bonbons we bought were a bit sweet, but the flavors are decent for the price.

Address: Stationsplein 17B, 1012 AB Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 7am-8pm, Mon.-Fri. {closes 9pm on Thu./Fri.} & 8am-9pm, Sat. & 9am-9pm, Sun.

Hop & Stork

When you look up at this shop, you might initially mistake it for a fancy supermarket or organic foods store. But walking in, you’ll head up stairs to reach the chocolate display counter, full of chocolate bars, bonbons, and flavored barks.

To your left is lots of seating, and a bar upstairs, though when I visited they were running a large chocolate workshop that looked quite interactive. The chocolates we tried weren’t bad; they’re straightforward in flavor, though they’re all a bit flat once you start really digging into a box of them.

Address: Spuistraat 139, 1012 SV Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 10am-7pm, Mon.-Sat. & 11am-7pm, Sun.

‘t Goede Soet

An unassuming corner chocolate shop, T Goede Soet offers an array of chocolate-covered and -shaped treats, a couple dozen flavors of bonbons, and a small selection of macarons and pastries. The treats for sale on the day I visited include chocolate-coated marshmallows, mediants, and biscuits.

There’s no seating available; it’s carry-out only. The chocolates were pretty good, too, and definitely worth picking up if you’re already in the area.

Address: Keizersgracht 95, 1015 CH Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 9am-6pm, Mon.-Fri. & 10am-6pm, Sat.


Leonidas has a huge selection of several dozen chocolate pralines in basically any flavor you could imagine. They’re sold by weight as one of the cheapest chocolates in Amsterdam, and well, they taste like it.

Despite being a “premium” Belgian chocolate brand, in Amsterdam Leonidas is low of the lower-quality options for chocolate, as Dutch people open up to the fine chocolate movement. I’d suggest heading elsewhere for quality chocolate in Amsterdam.

Address: Nieuwendijk 85, 1012 MC Amsterdam, Netherlands (multiple locations)

Hours: 10am-7pm, daily

Central Amsterdam Chocolatiers

Some other chocolatiers in Central Amsterdam, which we weren’t able to visit, are Chocstar, Candela Chocolaterie, and Van Velze’s Chocolaterie (which appeared to be online-only when we visited their physical shop).

Lindt Chocolate Amsterdam

This small outlet of Lindt in Amsterdam carries every bar and ball of chocolate ever made by the Swiss company. There are no frills, no fuss, and no chocolate or coffee drinks in sight.

You peruse the wall, pick out some chocolate balls, and bring them up to the cashier. Unless you’re completely attached to buying Lindt in Amsterdam, I’d recommend heading to a nearby chocolatier for tastier chocolate products.

Address: Heiligeweg 22, 1012 XR Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 10am-6:30pm, Tue./Wed./Fri./Sat. & 12pm-6:30, Sun./Mon. & 10am-9pm, Thu.

Puccini Bomboni

This no-frills chocolatier uses Valrhona couverture to create massive pralines and chocolate bars. While the bars come in several flavors, the bonbons come in many more, topping out around thirty options. The two huge bonbons I got were good but not amazing, and I’d stop back in for a nut-based bonbon if I happened to be nearby.

Address: Staalstraat 17, 1011 JK Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 9am-6pm, Tue.-Sat. & 11am-6pm, Sun.-Mon.

Waldo Chocolade

I stopped in here for a tart and a coffee on a winter’s day, and left with a happy wallet and tummy. They lured me in from the street with a prominent display case of chocolate barks, eight flavors of tarts, three flavors of brownies, and a few scones piled along the top. Along the left wall is their coffee menu, and just under is a few light meals they offer.

Their bonbons are seasonal for the holidays, unfortunately, so I didn’t get to try them this time, but the tarts are great (though I wouldn’t order a coffee again). Waldo’s has two tables with total seating for 8, so bring a friend and order your chocolates ahead of time.

Address: Eerste Sweelinckstraat 14, 1073 CM Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 10am-5:30pm, Tue.-Sat.

Polaberry Chocolate

Polaberry is apparently well-known with the Instagram crowd for their bright chocolate-covered strawberries. But heading further into the shop, they also sell fancy chocolate bars, mediants, mini-cakes, and 4 or 5 flavors of bonbons, as well as coffee drinks.

There’s no seating except for a bench along one side, so all orders are to-go. The chocolates are pretty good, with strong and clear flavors; I’d buy a few again.

Address: Prinsengracht 232 H, 1016 HE Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 11am-6pm, Mon.-Thu. & 11am-7pm, Fri.-Sun.

Zoet & Hartig Haarlemmerdijk

This shop is a very pleasant place to be. They sell a selection of pre-packed chocolates, lots of huge cakes, bags of coffee, and a variety of beverages. At the back of the shop is a cafe area, with some seating for those taking a cake or drink.

But what I came for are the beautifully painted bonbons, which are expectedly quite sweet, but good flavors. You actually taste each component. I’d be happy to get a box of these (with a hot latte)!

Address: Haarlemmerdijk 158, 1013 JK Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 11am-5pm, Sun.-Tue. & 9:30am-6pm, Wed.-Sat. {closes 5:30pm on Saturdays}

Jordino Chocolaterie

Amsterdam chocolate shop

This was the first chocolate shop I visited in Amsterdam. Walking in, you’ll find a half dozen flavors of cannolis, a few dozen large bonbons, and over a dozen flavors of macarons & other small treats. The shop is strictly takeaway, with some small prepared boxes for a quick grab and go, but I prefer to choose my own flavors.

The dark chocolate bonbon I had was almost flavorless, but the salted caramel tasted like a Milkyway (Mars) bar. The macaron I had was just okay. I won’t be back, but judge for yourself— maybe the cannolis are better?

Address: Haarlemmerdijk 25-A, 1013 KA Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 10am-6pm, Tue.-Sat. & 1pm-7pm, Sun.

Pompadour Chocolaterie

Pompadour is a French-style chocolate shop in downtown Amsterdam, with a cafe section further inside. When you walk in, the first thing you’ll notice is their display case filled with a couple dozen flavors of bonbons, and bars of Valrhona chocolate layering the top.

Pastries and cakes from the window can be enjoyed with tea or coffee in their seating area, up a couple of stairs. The four types of bonbon I tried were not overly sweet, and quite good indeed, with clear flavors & textures and a thin outer shell. If we hadn’t come around closing time I’d have gone back for seconds.

Address: Huidenstraat 12, 1016 ES Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 10am-6pm, Mon.-Sat.

Urban Cacao

Both locations of Urban Cacao boast their coffee menu and some hot chocolate options, as well as a large number of flavored chocolate bars, lining the walls. In the display case on the counter, you’ll notice sixteen flavors of bonbons & truffles in both classic and creative flavors.

Along the top of the display are a few cookies and other treats to enjoy with your beverage or nibble on with friends, as there’s seating for about 10 people. I found their bonbons to be okay, not overly sweet but with very strong, basic flavors.

Address: Huidenstraat 30HS, 1016 ET Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 8:30am-6pm, Mon.-Fri. & 9am-7pm, Sat.-Sun.

South Amsterdam Chocolatiers

A local reader has also tipped me off to a couple of other south Amsterdam chocolate shops, one of which is Dave Coffee Roaster. Dave sells vegan chocolate milk and a selection of bean to bar chocolates at The Zuidermarkt on Saturdays.

Another is Simon Levelt, a coffee shop in Centraal Station which offers a good selection of bean to bar chocolates.

Patisserie Tout

This is one of my favorite Amsterdam chocolate shops! They specialize in macarons, cakes, and bonbons, and they excel at each. Walking into the shop, you’ll first notice the large display case of cakes, lined up for your choosing pleasure, and then around twenty flavors of bonbons along the right wall.

To your left are the two dozen flavors of macarons, and shelves of chocolate bars and chocolate-covered treats. Samples of macarons, cakes, and chocolates are available at the front; please note that their macarons are fabulous and you will definitely want to take home a box (especially salted caramel).

The bonbons are very good, with straightforward and unique flavors, and a clean finish that leaves the flavor of chocolate still lingering. I recommend the Yuzu and the Lime Leaf bonbons, as I’d happily walk another hour over there to buy a box.

Address: Maasstraat 77, 1078 HE Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 8:30am-6pm, Mon.-Fri. & 9am-5:30pm, Sat.

Patisserie Holtkamp

This is an incredibly small bakery with a huge selection of cookies, cakes, pastries, and meringues, which seem to be what most people who come in were after. But their selection of around a dozen bonbons, each named after a woman, is what I’m really after.

Each bonbon has a flavor description below and whoowee, no wonder there was a crowd; their chocolates are delightful. Each bonbon has multiple components of texture and flavor, the insides aren’t overly sweet, and the overall taste is great. I only wish I’d bought more.

Address: Vijzelgracht 15, 1017 HM Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 8:30am-6pm, Mon.-Fri. & 8:30am-5pm, Sat.

Van Soest Amsterdam

The cute neon sign above the chocolates at the entrance definitely draws your eye and entices you in. Along the right wall they keep lots of pre-bagged chocolate goodies for picking up something quick, as well as takeaway coffees and a couple dozen flavors of bonbons.

Their most famous bonbon is in a display case towards the right, and it contains pecans, cashews, and butterscotch. The Passion Fruit bonbon was quite good, but both of the milk chocolate bonbons I bought were overly sweet and strongly flavored, so I wouldn’t come out of my way to return here.

Address: Frederiksplein 1a, 1017 XK Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 8:30am-6pm, Tue.-Sat. & 9:30am-6pm, Sun.-Mon.


One of the few options for craft chocolate in Amsterdam, Vanroselen carries a rather large selection of bean to bar chocolates from around the world, with one shelf dedicated to only local Dutch chocolates.

At the back of the small shop is a couple dozen flavors of small bonbons in various flavors, with seating for 4 along the right wall. I really love the small size of the bonbons, as well as the strong and clear flavors, particularly in the fruit and floral types. I’d be back in a heartbeat, if I lived in Amsterdam.

Address: Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 72, 1017 DH Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 10am-6pm, daily {open until 7pm on Thursdays)

Priscilla Bonbons Chocolaterie

This feels a bit more like a warehouse than a chocolate shop. There are big hunks of chocolate bark near the entrance, and a display case of three types of fresh truffles, each filled with a whipped cream of some kind.

As you head further in, the right side has lots of pre-made chocolate balls & bits, while the left has very inexpensive bonbons. I tried a couple of the fresh truffles and was utterly underwhelmed; I won’t be back.

Address: Albert Cuypstraat 173, 1073 BD Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 9am-5:30pm, Wed.-Sat./Mon.

Van Avezaath-Beune

While most customers seem to come here for the baked goods, they do have a fairly substantial collection of chocolates for sale, none of which have any labels. The chocolates come from their own kitchen and those of other chocolatiers, including Zoet & Hartig (an earlier entry in this guide).

There’s no seating, so after getting an explanation of the flavors from a kind employee, I made my selection and tried my bonbons just outside the shop. I liked the very sweet and slightly nutty caramel bonbon cone, but of the five chocolates I tried, nothing was too sweet and nothing was too remarkable.

Address: Johannes Verhulststraat 98, 1071 NK Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 8am-6pm, Mon.-Sat. {closes at 5pm on Saturdays}

Huize van Wely

Walking in here, I actually got a bit nervous. The shop is very formal and fancy-looking, with large French chocolates in the form of bonbons, truffles, and very thin disks. They also sell cakes and macarons and a few chocolate treats for takeaway; there’s no seating. Walking a few feet down the road, I tried each chocolate.

The passion fruit bonbon was very earthy & bitter, and so was the mocha one; the caramel was the sweetest and chewiest caramel I’ve ever had. I wouldn’t head back, considering these were also more expensive than almost all chocolates in Amsterdam.

Address: Beethovenstraat 72, 1077 JM Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 9am-6pm, Mon.-Fri. & 8:30am-5pm, Sat.

Chocolaterie ArtiChoc

While I wasn’t expecting much from this shop, for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on, I was pleasantly surprised by their beautiful flavor combinations. The shop itself is very small; when you walk in you’ll notice a few dozen bonbons and some piles of French truffles, with shaped & flavored chocolate discs to the left.

The wall across from the display case holds lots of chocolate treats, but that’s the whole of it. There’s nowhere to sit, except for a bench outside. But once you choose your chocolates and head out, actually eating them is exactly the experience you were looking for.

The caramel chocolate is particular is luscious, while the fruity flavors like cassis are straightforward and strong. You can taste both the chocolate and the flavors within the bonbons, which adds up to a win in my book.

Address: Koninginneweg 141, 1075 CM Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 9:30am-6pm, Tue.-Sat. {closes at 5pm on Saturdays}

Kwekkeboom Banketbakkerij

There are a few locations of this large bakery, each selling pastries, chocolates, small meals, and caffeinated beverages. The chocolates themselves are incredibly sweet, but the flavors are strong and clear, so they pair well with a latte, but I’d get a headache eating more than one by itself.

There’s seating for maybe 20 people, but it was empty when I spent a moment there resting.

Address: Ferdinand Bolstraat 119, 1072 LG Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hours: 9am-6pm, Mon.-Fri. & 9am-5pm, Sat.

Amsterdam Chocolate Shops Map

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Tuesday 16th of March 2021

[…] are plenty of chocolate shops in Amsterdam worth checking out as well where you can find some tasty […]


Sunday 22nd of March 2020

It think you missed “cacao&spice”. Beautiful bean 2 bar brands and home made bonbons by Salomé, of high quality... and Simon Levelt (coffee) at the central station, also an impressive selection of bean 2 bar chocolate. Finally, Dave coffee roaster has an impressive set of bean 2 bar brands and very good home made vegan chocolate milk, at the zuidermarkt on saturdays.

Plenty of addresses to visit a next time

Best, Ewald


Sunday 22nd of March 2020

Cacao & Spice is there, under the list of ones I didn't make it to (because of my foot injury)! I'll add Simon Levelt and Dave Coffee Roaster under the recommendations. Thanks, Ewald! :)

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