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Chocolate Habit: taste the world, bar by bar!

On Chocolate Habit you’ll enjoy 30+ reviews of ethical chocolates for every chocoholic out there, from the craft foodie to the organic eater looking for their next favorite bar.

In short bursts of 4 to 7 minutes, you can learn whether a bar is worth investing your time & money in, or better to just leave on the shelf. In a world with so many great chocolate options, I believe that some bars are bad, many are good, and very few are great. Allow me to sort through the selection with you.

During the series, I reviewed bars such as Dandelion’s 70% Maya Mountain, cloudforest’s Bruno Coffee Bar, and Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé’s 73% Paprika. In the Chocolate On The Road podcast I talk to some of the makers behind these bars, and other interesting chocolate industry folks. The series is over as of 2019 due to extensive travel plans, but thank you all so much for listening!

Watch video versions of each review here on Instagram!

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P.Chokko Seoul Cafe dark chocolate machine

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