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*A. Morin Chocolate Nicalizo 70%

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Bar: Nicalizo 70%
Maker: A. Morin Chocolate (Donzère, France)
Price: $15/100g (Andiamo Chocolate & Coffee)
Munch Factor: 8/10
Ingredients: cacao beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin.

Appearance: paper packaging with a white top & red bottoms, plus a few award stickers at the bottom. It looks nice, but doesn’t particularly jump out at me. The bar itself is a plain dark brown in a blocked mold; nice temper.
Aroma: bitter wheat with light cocoa and dried fruits.
Melt & Snap: beautiful melt & good snap.
Flavor: sweet brownie cocoa hits and then deepens with a bit of fruit leather and finishes with a light cocoa as the last nub of chocolate melts in my mouth. Finish is short and sweet, and quite pleasant.
Complaints & Complements: this bar is great. I’ll admit, after seeing “cacao mass” on the ingredients list, I was a bit put off. But this was such a palatable 70% bar that I don’t mind that it might have been made in a very large batch. A. Morin falls intot he category of European traditionalists, in terms of bean to bar, so it’s very interesting to note how they classify their ingredients and describe their company and products.
Context: in my recently air-conditioned office.

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