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*François Pralus: Chuao 75%

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Bar: Chuao (75%)
Maker: François Pralus (Roanne, France)
Price: $10.99/50g (For The Love of Chocolate, USA)
Overall Rating: 8.5/10
Munch Factor: 4/10
Ingredients: 75% Cocoa, Sugar, Pure Cocoa Butter, GMO-Free Soya Lecithin

AppearanceI’ve been saving this bar for a couple of months now (basically a miracle), and chose it to review now because I feel I have just been given a great gift in receiving this fellowship, and this bar just looks like a present. It’s made with the typical Pralus mold, nicely divided into pre-broken pieces with the Pralus logo in his font.
Aroma: Strong cocoa overtones, earthy with light tannin and very light dried fruit, maybe apricot? If I close my eyes tight enough, I feel I’m walking through a rain forest, but a dark and mysterious one, not a bright and familiar one.
Melt & Snap: It melts with little persuading, and the snap is beautiful and easy.
Flavor: It starts with an overt savory cocoa flavor, woodiness strengthening; it’s very creamy and classically French, with very little bitterness and some tannins throughout, continuing through the lasting finish.
Complaints & Complements: I love the size and shape! Very portable and classic-looking packaging, though not resealable (not that it would last that long, anyway!). Again, very elegant. This is what people should expect their chocolate to taste like! Beautiful.

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