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*Fuwan Chocolate Taiwan #5 62% with Nibs

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Bar: Taiwan #5 62% with Nibs (Taiwan)
Maker: Fuwan Chocolate (Pingtung County, Taiwan)
Price: $9/45g (Direct From Maker)
Munch Factor: 6/10
Ingredients: cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter.

Appearance: the packaging is lovely, the eye drawn to a golden cut cacao pod in the center, and the International Chocolate Awards sticker in the corner. With the pull strip along the side it’s difficult to re-seal, though they obviously spent a lot of time on design. The bar inside is a deep brown color with nibs specking the inside.
Aroma: sweet cocoa.
Melt & Snap: hard melt & hard snap.
Flavor: the familiar Fuwan flavor, almost woody, comes out at first. Then the somewhat fluffy, gummy texture emerges alongside a light cocoa flavor and strong— but not overpowering— sweetness. The nibs add a light crunch of bitterness, but the flavor generally stays the same. I’m rather unimpressed with the single note flavor, but the sweetness keeps me coming back just before the long cocoa sets in.
Complaints & Complements: I can’t get over the consistency of this Fuwan flavor that I’ve found in all of their Taiwan single origin bars, and I can’t decide if it’s just an earthiness from the cocoa or a byproduct of their proccessing. Overall, this bar was easy to eat and like, but disappointing in its lack of complexity. Considering that the majority of cocoa grown on Taiwan right now is of the forastero variety, however, this is not a surprising characteristic.
Context: sitting in my room-temperature office before lunch.

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