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*Fuwan Papua New Guinea 100%

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Bar: Papua New Guinea 100%
Maker: Fuwan Chocolate (Pingtung County, Taiwan)
Price: $10/45g (Direct From Maker)
Munch Factor: 3/10
Ingredients: Cacao Beans.

Appearance: very dark brown color with nice temper; the mold is adorned with Mayan glyphs and part of the bar is emerging from the top, like a 3D piece of art.
Aroma: sweet & creamy cocoa with a hint of smoke.
Melt & Snap: easy melt & strong snap.
Flavor: bitterness explodes and then smoothes, and you can feel it on your tongue before fruity acid comes out and chocolate coats your mouth. It’s not sweet, but the bitternes finds a savoury end with hints of smoke.
Complaints & Complements: this is one of my favorite 100% bars ever, up there with Akesson’s. The texture indicates to me that the chocolate may have been refined for too long, but the flavors brought out are impressive and varied. The smokiness that so characterizes PNG cacao is somehow muted until the end. I would definitely buy this again, if only I could get my hands on it here.
Context: sitting in my apartment in Korea, admittedly before making dinner.

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