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*Madre Spiced Coconut Pecan 55%

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Bar: Spiced Coconut Pecan (55%)
Maker: Madre (Hawai’i, USA)
Price: $10.99/43g (Chocolopolis, Online US Retailer)
Overall Rating: 7/10
Munch Factor: 8/10
Ingredients: Organic Dominican Cacao, Organic Sugar, Organic Coconut, Organic Cocoa Butter, Pecans, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Cardamom, Whole Vanilla, Sea Salt

Appearance: Light brown with white bits on the back side; the color would have normally had me guess a lower percentage. The Aztec-style mold is a nice touch.
Aroma: Intoxicatingly sweet coconut with just a hint of spice.
Melt & Snap: Wonderful melt & decent snap.
Flavor: The woody spice hits first, and then a sweet melting decadence giving way to a light cocoa. Very quick finish leaves you with dreams of coconuts.
Complaints & Complements: Heavy aluminum foil was a good choice for the inside since the outside is sadly lacking resealability, though it is aesthetically appealing. I also wish the candied pecan pieces were bigger, but you can’t have everything! Texture is a bit clumpy before it starts really melting.

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