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*Mike & Becky Chocolate Idukki 70% (India)

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Bar: Idukki 70% (India)
Maker: Mike & Becky Chocolate (Uccle, Belgium)
Price: $11/70g (Andiamo Chocolate in South Korea)
Munch Factor: 6.5/10
Ingredients: organic cocoa mass, organic beet sugar, organic cocoa butter.

Appearance: the green and white packaging is quite lovely, highlighting art deco elephants, a theme continued in the chocolate itself. The bar is nicely tempered and quite dark, the mold textural with diamond-shaped bumps which complement the aestheitc.
Aroma: strong cocoa with sweet dried fruits and unique earthiness. Pleasant.
Melt & Snap: good melt & very strong snap.
Flavor: chocolatey with an underlying savoriness, a nice umami I can’t associate with any other food, plus a smooth sweetness that blends into a nice complexity. Finish is short and sweet but a little woody and completely lacking in bitterness or tannin.
Complaints & Complements: this is a strange case. I really didn’t expect to like this bar, maybe because the name of the company clashes so much with the elegant packaging. But this (quite thick) bar made a good showing, living up to the Belgian reputation for quality chocolate. My only concern is the fact that they’re a bean-to-bar company, yet their first ingredient is not cacao but cacao mass.
Context: in my classroom before lunch on a warm day.

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