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*Nathan Miller Peru 72%

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Bar: Peru 72%
Maker: Nathan Miller Chocolate (Pennsylvania, USA)
Price:  $10.50/56g (The Meadow in NYC)
Overall Rating:
Munch Factor:
Organic Cacao Beans and Organic Cane Sugar.

Appearance: plain 16-block rectangular mold; rather dark brown color consisting the moderate percentage.
Aroma: dark earthiness & spicy brown sugar.
The Melt & Snap: hard melt & strong snap.
Flavor: immediate bitter flavor, maybe like orange peel, and then it switches to sweet cocoa with tree bark undertones; brown sugar mid-notes. Finish is long, with strong dark cocoa and slight bitterness. Hint of cherry? .
Complaints & Complements: this was quite a remarkable bar. Nathan miller squeezed a multitude of flavors from the beans, and I really appreciate that! But the tart astringency at the end is hard to ignore, and would be well-complemented by a light IPA.
Context: in my cool office at work, after lunch and very large glass of water, as well as a rest.

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