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*Pump Street Bakery Sourdough & Sea Salt 66%

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Bar: Sourdough & Sea Salt 66%, Costa Rica
Maker: Pump Street Bakery (Orford, Suffolk, England)
Price: $14/70g (The Meadow in NYC)
Overall Rating:
Munch Factor:
Cocoa Beans, Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Breadcrumbs & Sea Salt.

Appearance: 12-block pre-broken plain mold with textural element of breadcrumbs within; color is plain dark brown.
Aroma: Earthy red fruits and sweet bread.
Melt & Snap: great melt & good snap.
Flavor: Crunchy cocoa and then salt, with the earthiness and texture of bread crumbs; finish is short and has you reaching for another bite.
Complaints & Complements: I have had a wonderful streak of bars over these last few reviews, though I admittedly really like Pump Street; their chocolate is delicious and their packaging just makes sense. I don’t normally rate inclusion bars very high, because I think that it means that the chocolate relies on the inclusion, but this is an example of everything displaying its wares in harmony.
Context: Sitting in my apartment in Mexico, preparing to head to Cuba.

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