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*Pump Street Madagascar 44% White

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Bar: Madagascar 44% White
Maker: Pump Street Chocolate (Orford, England, UK)
Price: ~$10/70g (gift from a friend)
Munch Factor: 7.5/10
Ingredients: Organic cocoa butter, cane sugar, milk powder.

Appearance: as I always remark, Pump Street packaging is beautiful & highly functional, with the prominent logo on a tan background pulling in your eyes. The bar itself is the light yellow shade most people associate with cocoa butter, in a plain 16-rectangle blocked mold.
Aroma: sweet & fatty, and a little musty, with little to no cocoa smell.
Melt & Snap: beautiful melt & strong snap.
Flavor: musty fattiness assaults you and then quickly falls apart, melting into a sweet creamy cocoa that disappears much too soon. I want to keep eating it; the finish is short & sweet.
Complaints & Complements: overall, I like this bar, but am not blown away by it. I’ve had better and I’ve had much worse white chocolates. If I ran into it again, I’d probably buy it if it were the sweetest of all the options, and I’d be happy to receive it as a gift, but I’d not normally buy it for myself. Again, however, I am overall impressed by the quality of Pump Street’s chocolates.
Context: in my office at work before eating anything or drinking my coffee; it’s a gorgeous spring day outside.

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